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April 20, 2010

About it

Sincerely, I can’t give you any further information about the ‘possible’ iPhone prototype that is roaming around the Internet. It’s something ‘only the time’ will give us the answers.

In any case I like it, I think they could substitute aluminum due to the ‘thin’ feedback they had from the iPad experience — a brave choice, anyway: ceramic is something ‘new’ for tech, it could be one of many materials they introduced to the industry, then become standards.

It’s something easy to speculate about. Uh, I don’t like the rounded volume buttons too much.

April 19, 2010

Running with the iPhone

ipod nano first

Once upon a time, when Apple introduced the first iPod Nano, jogging and fitness were a popular topic — strictly connected with Music and MP3 players.
At the time, the MP3 player that ‘just used to do that’ was popular, was part of a ‘newer’ market — was smaller.

Think about it. They were smaller. Okay, the Nano still exists, but it is miles far from being Apple’s main product, therefore we can say that the average dimensions of nowadays music/video players have nodoubtly increased.

But I want my armband. And this is far from my idea of ‘comfortable’; moreover, it’s Belkin’s, moreover, it’s not Apple’s.
Did they change target? The iPhone’s not that big; I want to take it to the gym, the park.

Chris Rawson about warranties and AppleCare →

Great piece, indeed the AppleCare represents an example of equity and a well-managed warranty service. From TUAW.

Most purchasers seem to think that extended warranties are a huge waste of money, and in many (if not most) cases they’re correct. Like an idiot, I bought an extended warranty for my Wii back on launch day in 2006 — that was $60 down the drain. I’ll blame that one on standing in line all night in sub-freezing temperatures outside of Target to snag one. But when it comes to AppleCare, I have no hesitation about laying money down for that.

iPhone OS 4 has BT keyboard →

Actually, I don’t know how useful this will be for anyone — my experiences never required a physical keyboard, anyway, 9to5mac supplied us with an explaining short.

April 18, 2010

Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Google →

Shane Snow’s image represents a synthetic analysis of the strange situation that has been growing and growing in the past months between them.
In my opinion, with a few exceptions, every challenge stays in something first ‘started‘ by Apple and then (photo)copied by the other two.

apple microsoft google war

‘As real as it gets’ →

photoshop real world

from wandaaaa’s photostream.
Adobe Photoshop in the real world. I will never say ‘thank you’ enough to gustopera for this incredible sharing.

iPhly, when the iPhone reaches the apex →

The iPhone has unlimited potentials, even in niche ambients it can make the difference.
In this case, it interface with DMS2 (standard) modules allowing us to control any compatible model airplane or helicopter!

To ‘understand’, enjoy:

Jobs: ‘YouTube now supports HD video’ →

According to Apple CEO YouTube can be considered as a good alternative to HD ‘physical’ media like the Blu-Ray Disc. At least, as far as HD video sharing is concerned.

I think Jobs think that ‘disc’ supports are the big deal, and in my opinion he is right: in the past years ‘virtual’ media like YouTube and Hulu progressively assumed all the features of ‘old’ DVDs, and, perhaps, the BD is going to be the ‘last’ of a series.

Or he just want to sell iTunes HD movies.

jobs replies email

iPad needs to get iLife

Nice joke. Right.
Anyway, I was just wondering what Apple could do to improve the almost-perfect iPad, when I stumbled on a tricky thought. Wouldn’t a touchable complete productivity suite perfect for iPad’s purposes?

And couldn’t it be iLife? I think yes, absolutely. First of all, we all know how editing a short-video on our iPhone (and it’s certain: on our ‘future’ iPad, too) is just about a little bit of tap and scroll; just imagine it, deeply developed to match the ‘prosumer’ needs.
The iPhoto equivalent would just be a simple improvement to the already stunning native Photo app, therefore I don’t think it, in my fantasies, would be even included.

It has iWork, and it is beautiful: it will get to iMovie, soon.

Clueless? →

Isn’t it weird?

Apple Rep: Okay, the keyboard dock for the iPad is compatible with the iPad.

iAd, an hypothetical threat? →

Dave Johnson on the consequences of the large diffusion of mobile advertising brought by Apple’s native platform.

Apple has found a way to turn their mighty iPhone into a ghetto of banner ads and reduced usability. Way to go, Apple. For the rest of us: My advice is to step over to a different phone before iAds melt your brain.

As far as I’m concerned, I can’t see any issue in a large diffusion of well-paid and well-made ads on free applications; in fact, we would certainly get better apps for free than now —
And please, trust me, I believe that Apple wouldn’t even had presented such a revolutionary product without having pondered at the obvious consequences.

Steve Jobs Email Replys →

steve jobs

Steve uses to answer many emails of compliance and misunderstanding, now — more than ever an aggregator would be definitely useful.

It happens that, it exists.

I’m only posting the wise words of Steve Jobs via email to his oh so beloved followers.

April 17, 2010

The US Apple Market →

TUAW’s precise analysis confirms how any Apple product soon becomes an everyday-object.

21.6% of US adults own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer. That’s right, one-fifth of Americans own some type of Apple hardware.


Text substitutions →

text substitutions

Great article from Vendruscolo, actually I admit, I didn’t know that these features even existed.

Everybody has used at least one time an iPhone. Some of us (maybe who actually owns an iPhone) may have noticed that if you press twice the space bar it automagically inserts a dot and space. Isn’t this a wonderful thing?
You can get this also into your Mac!

Thank You, I should say.

The ‘digital hub’ concept

2001, one of the best Steve Jobs you’ll ever see.
During Macworld, and this speech, I think he predicted all the innovations and evolutions that the Internet and the computer were about to make during the past decade.

Thanks to Ticci’s tweet.

Wired, and his flash based iPhone app

They’re tough enough to think they’ll conform Apple’s directions even when submitting a Flash-based iPhone app.
Cross-compiling softwares like Adobe Flash CS5 are being rejected by the Developer Program. That is well-known.

“We are working with Adobe to prepare Wired’s reader app for the iPad, and will be compliant with Apple’s new guidelines,” a spokeswoman told AdAge. “To bring Wired to iPad, Conde Nast plans to follow Apple’s legal requirements.”

Electronista, 4/16/2010

I think this question has to be solved. Maybe the new guidelines are bringing too much problems to Apple, did they ponder enough about it?
I absolutely agree in not-accepting that kind of app, but they have to think about this bad-publicity blowing in the air.

Importing an iPad →

I agree, but be careful not to trust every ‘fake us address’ company or website. Bundlebox is just fine, I tested it myself in another occasion.

So you need to buy an iPad from Apple or an authorised US reseller, and get it shipped to a US address, and then get it forwarded from the USA to the UK. For this you will either need a friend in America, and a means to give them the cash. Or you need to investigate the use of a redirect service such as BundleBox.

Macworld UK, 4/16/2010

MEDEA Vodka, Bottle 2.0 — Enjoy Responsibly

You know, I don’t catch how this could be used — anyway, I like the concept (and the soundtrack).

Info on Twitter @medeavodka

Uh, enjoy responsibly.

Cavaliers de printemps – decor your wires

PA-Design crafted a beautiful way to make the worst-looking thing ever, wires, a way of decor.

Des cavaliers qui ne se camouflent plus, au contraire! Lot contenant 1 oiseau et 12 feuilles.

A little tid bit. Here for more info. 6,50€.

Ego for iPad Review →

I about to became a user, in any case, please enjoy this beautiful entry.

You can’t wait to wake up in the morning to see if someone on the Internet is talking about you, just to see if your latest post has turned out to be that success you expected.

Federico Viticci, Macstories, 4/16/2010

In my opinion stats are blogger’s favorite drug. I mean, since I started this website I haven’t passed a single minute without thinking of refreshing my StatPress page.
I’m kind of mad!